Bob Bop Pop

Bop and Pop the balls to score, but don´t get too greedy by trying to pop all the balls at once. Collect power ups like extra nodes to be able to pop more than one ball at a time, and avoid nasties that will try to complicate things or make you loose your lifes.


for iPhone and iPad devices on Apple App Store

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for Android devices on Google Play; also available for free (with ads)

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for Kindle devices running Android on Amazon

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Q & A (FAQ)


What does the option 'Hitting the center selects an empty node' mean?

When the player has collected some '+1' balls, the player avatar looks like some orbs (nodes) turning around a center. In the game, only the nodes around the center can collect the balls that add to the score, but depending on the selection for that option, if a bouncing ball hits the center of the avatar it may either loose a node, or if the player allows, it will select an empty node between those that turn around the center, and put the collected ball there. Of course, making the player loose a node will make the game harder, but it will add more points to the score when the user has more than one single node at the time.


Why do some screenshots appear different than the graphics in the game?

In some screenshots some elements appear with shadows and different coloring than what some people see in some devices (or videos); it actually depends on the device the game is running. In devices with High Definition screens, the render requires more computing power because the screen has more points (pixels) on the screen, and each pixel has to be computed when rendering; that means if a screen has 4 times more pixels than other screen, it requires 4 times (more or less) more computing power to render. Also, devices equipped with HD screens are commonly equipped with GPUs. When the game is running it will try to render using the GPU if the device has a GPU available; this allows the game to render faster and more fluidly, which is more important in a game, but this also disables some filtering and the use of shadows in some elements. This can not be changed as an option in the game.



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